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Welcome to the OctaneMC Store

Here you can purchase a variety of packages to improve your gameplay experience in a fair but rewarding way. We thank you for your generosity -- you enable us to develop and maintain OctaneMC!

Please double-check your username before making a purchase. Usernames are CaSe SeNsItIvE! After successful checkout, please ensure you are online on the server and your inventory is empty to make sure you receive your purchase fully!

Questions & Support

Please create a support ticket on our Discord Server to receive fast and effective support from our dedicated staff team!

Payments & Refunds

We use the secure and trusted PayPal payment gateway to process payments. You may pay with an existing PayPal balance or checkout as Guest with a credit/debit card.

Please ensure you have full permission from the PayPal or Bank Account Owner before making a purchase!

Refunds are not provided under any circumstance. Attempts to chargeback or dispute a payment made to OctaneMC will result in an automatic and permanent ban from our Minecraft Server, our Tebex Store, and all other Tebex Stores.